The DogeChain team have created a simple bridge that allows users to easily deposit $DOGE and receive $wDOGE, the blockchain's native currency. The bridge also allows users to withdraw their $wDOGE from DogeChain and receive $DOGE.

As always, DYOR and confirm official links before using the bridge. Lost funds will not be compensated.

A selection of content taken directly from the official bridge website has been compiled below for users to view.



  • Depositing any other asset other than $DOGE to the Dogecoin address will result in a loss of funds. Never deposit any other asset than $DOGE through the bridge.
  • Deposits require 6 block confirmations of Dogecoin chain to be considered valid.
  • Once the platform's wallet has received your funds, the smart contract will mint the corresponding number of $wDOGE and send them to your Dogechain address.
  • Ensure you are depositing at least 100.0 $DOGE to the bridge. A smaller amount will result in the smart contract not triggering the minting process and failing to send you the required $wDOGE.

How to:

  • Connect your Metamask browser extension to the web app. Go to your Metamask wallet and follow the instructions to switch to the Dogechain mainnet.
  • Click on “Confirm” to reveal the Dogecoin address where you need to send your $DOGE.
  • Copy this address to your Dogecoin wallet and send the desired amount of $DOGE that you wish to bridge on the chain (minimum 100.0).
  • The protocol will wait for 6 network confirmations to mint the corresponding $wDOGE. Once the transfer is confirmed, it will send the tokens to your EVM Dogechain wallet.



  • Only provide a Dogecoin mainnet address for the withdrawal of funds. Any other address type will result in the loss of your $DOGE.
  • The protocol will send your $DOGE within 7 days following your withdrawal request.
  • Ensure you are withdrawing the minimum amount of 100.0 $DOGE to your wallet. A smaller amount will result in your request being denied.
  • The protocol requires a no-spam fee of 0.1 $DOGE upon each withdrawal.

How to:

  • Provide the amount of $wDOGE you wish to send to the burn address and reclaim the equivalent amount of $DOGE.
  • Paste your Dogecoin mainnet address in the field and click “Withdraw”.
  • Once your $wDOGE have been sent to the burn address, the protocol will send you the same amount of $DOGE within 7 days.