Tokenomics for the people!

Fruits of Ryoshi (YUZU)

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 YUZU

Community: 100% (fair launch)

Farms of Ryoshi (NONI)

NONI has a maximum total supply of 10,569,013 tokens. Of these tokens, 20% will be reserved for Ryoshi's Welcome Gardens. The remaining 80% will be used for ecosystem upgrades, additional farms/gardens, synthetic airdrops, and more.

Ryoshi's Welcome Gardens will run for 2 weeks and are distributed as follows:

  • Garden 1: Noni LP: 1.1m
  • Garden 2: Yuzu LP: 300k
  • Garden 3: Noni: 300k
  • Garden 4: Yuzu: 100k
  • Garden 5: wDoge: 200k